The music you can hear on this site is the result of a sideline project of mine which I started in 2001.

Karl Valentin said: 'Art is nice, but it makes a lot of work'. Now, if you want to make money with the work of your hands, you have to create such work in a way that your audience is going to like. In this case, you would have to tend to what people like to hear, that is to say in the popular charts of mainstream music. This is not what I wanted to do. I chose not even to try to adapt to what most people might want to listen to.

Thus, I have actually not written this music for anybody but myself. But if you like it and if you feel inspired, it is available here - have fun!

Michael Watt

You may download the music files on this site for free, but however you are not allowed to change, remix, cut or alter the downloaded files in any way.


Apr 21, 2021: Re-release of Albums I - IV, XIII - XVI.

Apr 21, 2019: Album XVI. At this time, I do not plan to make any other albums, but I do plan to occasionally return and beef up the sound of the old albums. Have a good time, MW.

Jan 01, 2018: Album XV.

Jan 22, 2017: Album XIV.

Jul 21, 2014: Album XIII.

Mar 29, 2013: Album XII.

Apr 21, 2012: Album XI.

Mar 02, 2011: Album X.

Jan 31, 2010: Album IX.

Feb 11, 2009: Album VIII.

Feb 06, 2008: Album VII.

Mar 06, 2007: Album VI.

Apr 14, 2006: Album V.

Oct 12, 2005: Album IV.

Oct 08, 2005: Album III.

Sep 05, 2005: Album II.

Aug 28, 2005: Initial launch. Album I.