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44 » Ingrid Macher

Location: Spain
Date: 06.07.2013
Time: 18:32:40
Me encanta su musica paso horas revolviendo y escuchando. Me gusta muchos "Nowhereland". Saludos desde Spain!

Nota: os invito a vistar mi blog

43 » Ulrich

Location: Handewitt
Date: 01.04.2013
Time: 15:19:27
Heimlich, still und leise ist das neue Album da; und keinen Moment zu spät. Bin süchtig!
Immer weiter so...

42 » Ulrich

Location: Handewitt / Flensburg
Date: 21.01.2013
Time: 18:33:10
Das ist Musik für den phantastischen Film!
Seit deinem ersten "Album" bin ich begeistert von deinem Stil, deiner Musikalität. Dass du dir in all den Jahren in der Richtung treu geblieben bist, kann man nur bewundern.
Seit meinem zehnten Lebensjahr lese ich ScienceFiction und habe in deiner Musik den passenden Background für viele Stories gefunden. Nun bin ich 58, hoffe aber, du machst noch lange so weiter!
Viele Grüße von Ulrich

41 » LaMü

Location: Scotsstone
Date: 26.04.2012
Time: 14:28:08
being happy having downloaded your new album on it´s fifth day in the orbit..
thank you!

bin g´spannt (as they say at home)

40 » Christian

Location: Munich
Date: 22.04.2012
Time: 11:57:04
Great to find the new album and the refurbished versions of the first albums now available! Can't wait to get the other ones in FLAC as well!

Thank you so much!

39 » LaMü

Location: Scotsstone
Date: 30.03.2012
Time: 21:55:25
1 year later i was wondering if i really was the last one signing in your guestbook?!?

and i´m a (little) big bit sad cannot find your 2012 album on this place..

Reply: There is not much traffic here. One visitor per year is more than you would expect in Antarctica.

Album XI is late. I am working on it.

- MW

38 » LaMü

Location: Scotsstone
Date: 17.03.2011
Time: 01:11:55
today gladly seen, number ten is already released..
will listen to it as soon as possible
(of course!)

thank you, have a nice year

37 » Chris

Location: Germany
Date: 09.02.2011
Time: 07:27:20
This is cool! I'm really looking forward to the first FLAC release. Is there a chance to get the "old" albums as FLAC as well... someday...?

Reply: Album IX is already available as FLAC (see Album page, there are two download icons beneath each song name, one for FLAC and one for mp3 download). I will be working on the older albums in the next months/years since some of them have a terrible production sound (at least for me) compared to what I can achieve technically nowadays. I am reluctant to upload them as FLAC versions without having refurbished the sound...

36 » LaMü

Location: Scotsstone
Date: 06.02.2011
Time: 01:31:00
every year i´m afraid of failing your newest released album.
so i do today...

great work, thank you!

35 » Marc

Location: Kurstadt Wiesbaden - Germany
Date: 02.02.2011
Time: 22:59:28
Impatiently waiting for number 10...

Reply: Marky Mark! Album 10 has been written, recorded, mixed, and mastered already. BUT: It still has a big (pseudo analogue) hissing in all songs due to the beta version of an audio plug-in (whose sound I like so much) which is not available yet as a final version in which the hissing can be turned down. So I am still waiting for that final version to get rid of the hissing... The good news, however, is that Album 10 will be available for download also as losslessly compressed FLAC.

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