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33 ╗ chris

Location: Germany
Date: 20.12.2010
Time: 13:10:58
what happened? download does not work anymore..

Reply: Sorry, Chris, my provider has moved the website to a new IP adress and I seem to have missed the e-mail notification. The downloads should work again now.

32 ╗ Chris

Date: 17.08.2010
Time: 16:44:17
Is it possible for you to offer your great music as FLAC or any other lossless audio format?

Reply: Dear Chris, I will think about that. Michael

31 ╗ axel

Location: westend wiesbaden
Date: 16.04.2010
Time: 00:17:14
mach blo▀ weiter so!

30 ╗ Kucke

Location: Inside
Date: 03.02.2010
Time: 19:06:33
IX rules, tear them all down

29 ╗ Olav

Location: Norway
Date: 15.08.2009
Time: 10:16:44
Have you ever considered publishing your music at sites like ?

Should give your productions somewhat higher visibility and attention ;-)

28 ╗ CHR

Date: 02.03.2009
Time: 11:09:38
The "Albums"-Link on the homepage doesn┤t work...

Reply: Sorry, CHR, I cannot reproduce this. Anyone else having this problem?

27 ╗ Flyingsod

Location: USA
Date: 03.08.2008
Time: 05:46:02
Hey man, I was here and downloaded the albums a couple of years ago when there were 4 albums available. I thought you might appreciate knowing that the albums have made it into my musical rotation dozens of times and I am still listening to them. They have staying power and musical longevity with me. Thanks. Im happy to see theres 3 more albums now!

26 ╗ Ben Griffin

Date: 28.03.2008
Time: 23:58:44
Thanks a lot for your music!
Contact me if you want your sound to be published at Cheap Mp3 Downloads.
Keep your ideas and innovation up.

25 ╗ Jimbow

Date: 29.12.2007
Time: 00:02:55
Thx so much for this inspiring music! Hope more people will find you and your music!

24 ╗ Olav M. Bj÷rnsen

Location: Norway
Date: 04.11.2007
Time: 16:07:02
I finally got round to write the review on your first album here.
I posted it on, and also made a review page on my googlepages, which I linked to from my blog page at MySpace (

Hope the review is of interest to you. I will take on the other releases as I have the time for them :-)

Reply: Hey Olav, thanks a lot for your review. I appreciate that very much and I'm looking forward to the next one... Best, Michael.

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