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24 » Olav M. Björnsen

Location: Norway
Date: 04.11.2007
Time: 16:07:02
I finally got round to write the review on your first album here.
I posted it on, and also made a review page on my googlepages, which I linked to from my blog page at MySpace (

Hope the review is of interest to you. I will take on the other releases as I have the time for them :-)

Reply: Hey Olav, thanks a lot for your review. I appreciate that very much and I'm looking forward to the next one... Best, Michael.

23 » Tim

Location: Germany
Date: 23.09.2007
Time: 14:08:58
Very cool music, there just popped up many film scenes I would lke to try it on :-)


22 » Michael

Location: Germany
Date: 09.08.2007
Time: 10:36:31
Ich kann schon nach den ersten Stücken nur sagen,dass mir Deine Musik so unglaublich gut gefällt, dass ich mir erst wieder was anderes anhöre, wenn ich damit durch bin. Vielleicht..

21 » Maik

Location: France
Date: 08.08.2007
Time: 11:01:26
j'aime vraiment ta musique, extraordinaire

20 » Hanno

Location: Germany
Date: 05.08.2007
Time: 21:00:31
Fourth person heeding Ungerers advice. Cool !

19 » Tom Bombadil

Location: Germany
Date: 04.08.2007
Time: 21:50:18
Thanks a lot for your music!

I have to admit, that it knocked me off my feet. If this it how it sounds when you're doing a 'sideline project' I can't imagine what would come up in a full-time project...

Keep your ideas and innovation up.

18 » herb

Location: CH
Date: 31.07.2007
Time: 18:53:02
Hello there,
nice music!
Is there any option to download a whole album at once?
It's kinda annoying to download every single mp3 file..
Keep it going!

Reply: Herb, a ZIP file would be VERY big to be downloaded at once, but I am working on optimizing the 'album' page (so that you will need only one click per download).

17 » Trent

Location: Hamburg
Date: 30.07.2007
Time: 16:11:59
Dear Michael!
Great music!! FAZ brought me to you and I'm very surprised. The songs are awesome, i like it so much! I would like to hear your music on my mp3-player, but at the moment the audio-stram only works. Is it possible to download your music?
Best regards!!

Reply: Trent, I am not sure, but somehow I have the feeling that I know your name (see first guestbook entry)... Anyway, maybe you forgot to scroll down after clicking on a song's name. There is another menu below the album menu which opens then and allows you to read the lyrics or download the mp3 file for every song. Cheers, Michael.

16 » Knut

Location: Germany
Date: 28.07.2007
Time: 20:45:59
Unbelievable! FAZ brought me to your site and I just listened into your latest album for a start The first song sounds like someone went through my old vinyls and sampled some of the best parts of it to create a kind of opera. Completely fallen out of time, but brilliant!

Sorry for being indiscreet but may I ask for your age?

Reply: Hey Knut, I was born in 1973. Probably the best decade of popular music ever, but, nonetheless, I doubt that "Fragments of Mammonism" (even though it sounds a bit like the old school) would have been possible without the massive computer power of 2006. Best, Michael.

15 » al

Location: Germany
Date: 28.07.2007
Time: 14:20:32
Surprisingly, the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" had an article on this project today, so I checked. They were right, this is great stuff - do keep on going and thanks a lot for making this available for free!

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