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14 » tom

Location: Germany
Date: 06.06.2006
Time: 18:23:22
You aren't the one making "The Gemini Project" Remixes being able to download from 1 up to about 230? These Remixes are about an hour long. You know their webadress?

mfg tom

P.S.: An email as answer would be perfect as i don't look here every day thx (tom ad ichdertom dot de)

13 » Mathew Warren

Location: Germany
Date: 06.06.2006
Time: 11:32:46
Each and every album of yours is a masterpiece,keep up the good work.

Voyager :)

12 » Patrick Soucy

Location: Québec
Date: 25.05.2006
Time: 01:23:50
Your music is so great, you are doing a real treat to everyone's ears by making this excellent music for free! Thank you!

11 » chris lamka

Location: USA
Date: 24.02.2006
Time: 05:11:56

I have a shop in the USA called Of Sound Mind.

I specialize in prog rock, fusion and other less commercial musics.

Do these recordings exist as actual cds or just as downloadable files?


Reply: Dear Chris: Only downloadable files, sorry. Regards, Michael.

10 » musicalboxer

Location: Verdammte Frankreich
Date: 22.02.2006
Time: 02:15:25
impressive and beautiful
I have a radio show on a local radio station and I'd like to introduce your music to my listeners. Please contact me to tell me if I'm allowed to.
keep up the good work

musicalboxer thumbup

9 » SciFiArtMan

Location: Serteus Prime
Date: 21.02.2006
Time: 13:11:33
Very imaginative and multi-faceted compositions that stir the soul and send the mind adrift in time. Each step along this colorful path brings the voyager deeper into a dream of possible realities and forgotten suns. All the best, and thanks for sharing your beautiful and inspirational art.

8 » gravedigger

Location: Massachusetts, USA
Date: 20.02.2006
Time: 00:10:53
thumbup Great stuff! Its hard to believe its all one
person. I've only listened to album #4 so far,
but I'm looking forward to the rest. Very
diverse...but isn't that what we want from
our music? thumbup

7 » Flyingsod

Location: the cornfield
Date: 19.02.2006
Time: 08:35:17
Great work, I love that you threw commercial compromises away. true art is great. thankyou. and thanks for free downloads! That is the spirit of music which keeps my love of music alive.

6 » peter

Location: leipzig
Date: 13.12.2005
Time: 15:40:15
schnecken krieschen über felder aus obst: musik

5 » Hanako

Location: This world
Date: 19.10.2005
Time: 18:01:47
I trust this finds you well again.
Stray Pucks touched my very soul! I´m listening to it over and over... It´s so rich and full of colourful images. It was love at the first tone! Keep up yor wonderful work!

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