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4 Jan Inge Halvorsen

Location: Norway
Date: 04.10.2005
Time: 01:58:47
Incredible...very good..and a lot of work.Looking forward to the next project..Keep up the good work

3 Bernardo Gui

Location: outer space
Date: 21.09.2005
Time: 16:29:52
This is Michael (P. Boa)?

Your website is adorable and I really appreciate your work. I have been using some of your music at work and it especially helped on the hard cases. When is album IV ready?

Reply: Bernardo Gui "The Great Inquisitor" chases all boa constrictors! Check out album III first...coming soon to a cinema near you.

2 Dan

Location: Germany
Date: 20.09.2005
Time: 22:05:05
You are amazing.. where are you from man?

Reply: Dear Dan:

Originally, I am from Germany, but I wanted to keep this site in english because there are many people from abroad who visit the site.

1 Trent Reznor

Location: where the sun don-t shine
Date: 30.08.2005
Time: 13:20:52
dear mr watt,
call me anytime to play more bandoneon parts.
i would love to.
and: komm schon, tu es. tu, was du immer tust.
(right spelling? i hate this language.)
yours faithfully

Reply: Trent:

It seems you are scaring away people from this guestbook. Better check out my new bandoneon samples - they sound really real! I know who you are, eat Fisz.

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