(written 1994/recorded 2005/revised 2006 and 2020)

underneath the window
in the tracks of the old campaign
quotidian shallow talks ring in the day
i always kept a straight face
even when i turned around to you
as you where sleeping the dusk away

it doesn’t matter
no it doesn’t matter
it doesn’t matter
it doesn’t matter to me

soon you will desert me
and i’ll become a bit more crippled
like the countless times i did before
i need the variation
i require the perversity
any day i need some more

no it doesn’t matter
no it doesn’t matter
no it doesn’t matter
it doesn’t matter to me

love is to me like a menace
and the love is to me like a menace
and the love is to me like a menace
and the love is to me like a menace

orgy – all the night
orgy – suits me right
orgy – dim red light
orgy – come here tight

orgy – all the day
orgy – do obey
orgy – she’s a good lay
orgy – come and splay

when i pass the street
i see her hips indeed
she a bitch in heat
deep, deep, deep, deep

in my head i hear her moan
her girlfriend shapely starts to groan
and it tickles right down in my bone
i wish i was with them alone

orgy, orgy, orgy, orgy

bemused, abused
bemoaned, unthroaned
besieged, unreached
belied, denied
besmirched, besotted
unfortunately i got it
you’ll come and i let ya
forgive and forget ya
and justice for all
heading for a fall
so this is the end
my only friend
pull back your prepuce
stew in your own juice
recreant ways
desolate days
dismal times
dark limbo crimes
lust crucified
frustration inside
all stratified
and satisfied
paradise left
to a pudendal cleft
carnal bliss’n’hula
within lips of a vulva
without commitment
your only fulfillment
she knows how to bring you round
knows how to make the sound
saw nipples from afar
on a boulevard
less love than hate
shed tears for nothing
while on her he’s puffing
you’ll come and i let ya
forgive and forget ya
cunt and her minion
matter of opinion
secluded trip phantasm
foreplay rash orgasm
she lights the cigarette
he sleeps ’cause he’s good in bed
sleeps though he knows he’s bad
sleeps though she might be sad
while the stars are rising
he implores her to stay
she took his heart away
besprinkled and lewd
but never bedewed
beslobbered, besotted
unfortunately i got it
clit the penetralia
the rest paraphernalia
soft tart from the first floor
stumbles out of her door
beast of prey leaves its cage
exhibitionist enters the stage
she shows off what she’s got
of flesh a wanton lot
who is eunuch then enough
resist, you foolish muff
amourous têtê-á-têtê
he can’t get her out of head
she whines in her pillow
to wear her willow
he violates her rear
whispers in her ear
she smiles in her pain
disgustingly insane
he has tasted the blood
drags her in the mud
and when he has come
his desire is gone
she receives the money
calls the next one “honey”
at least the rent she can pay
at the end of the day
she’s digging in the dirt
got expelled and hurt
flees from herself
to bump into his elf
something’s elevated
as she gets naked

vieni, entra e coglimi, saggiami provami…
comprimimi discioglimi tormentami…
infiammami programmami rinnovami.
accelera… rallenta… disorientami.
cuocimi bollimi addentami… covami.
[Quotation: Patrizia Valduga, performed by Patrizia Bossoni]

i can’t find a lover
find another
in the summertime
i only stand in line
and i can't stand the perfume
in the bedroom
in the summertime
now i got it fine
and i have done my best
i’ve changed my vest
stuck out my breast
but she didn’t like me

i tears like a river
like an ocean
in the summertime
i weep and whine
and i would like to take her
like to rape her
in the summertime
her bear behind
and i have played my part
my wiener’s hard
i squeezed her fur
but she didn’t like me

poi fondimi e confondimi… spaventami…
nuocimi, perdimi e trovami, giovami.
scovami… ardimi bruciami arroventami.
stringimi e allentami, calami e aumentami.
domami, sgominami poi sgomentami…
dissociami divorami… comprovami.
legami annegami e infine annientami.
[Quotation as above]

now i look down the road
that i’ve been on so many times before
am i the seer or the goat
dark inscrutability
lost in mediocrity

sometimes the lot it seems
so clear to me
but when i try to grab it
it’s always something else i see
and it slips away like a piece of soap when you squeeze your hand
leaves me ignorant and helpless
to where i always stand
to where i always stand

don’t belong to mama
don’t belong to friends, they’ve gone
don’t belong to daddy
don’t belong to anyone

they say that times are changing
in the shadows of the valley tree leaves
instead of milk and honey
we’ve got money, money, money, money

i fuck and masturbate each day
in the lap of my delirium
i come to every party every night
to raise my personal freedom

i long to be in paradise
‘cause things i’ll do they will enable
do i compensate the wrong for the wrong
i’ll do manual, ocular, anal, oral, pedal, rectal, nasal

i’m still awake, awake
thoughts like a rising plague
lips, those lips before my mind’s eye
for the last chance, for my last try

my heart is gone, is gone
you ripped me out my only one
or did i push it down your throat
while your coolness was remote

[musical quotation: J. S. Bach, BWV 846]

hormonal mission
who is to blame for it
when sensual lusts where lit
sex as a drug
dealer sells the fug (fuck?)
increasing dose
necessary for those
sex as a lever
seldom if ever?
love deprivation
dumb incrustration
incubated in tutus
soon all gone to humus
watch out for the wench
hypocritical stench
watch the seducer
you’ll come off a loser
try the gum cunt, the dildo
the moan-track in stereo
no later claim to maintenance
no repentance to romance
at least to god we can pray
for the rest of the day
befuddled, beguiled
ignorant as a child
but children are innocent
and we are dependent
struck to the core
i can’t take any more
i think this is the end
my only friend
now, do you relent?
come on, remove the tent

and sweat it out
the scum
but stay stout, stay stout, stout

and sweat it out
the scum
but stay stout, stay stout, stout